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The Noble Advantage is a broker-dealer, and a member of the NASD/SIPC.
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Since its inception,, has been committed to offering online trading, direct access trading and day trading services for navigating today's fast-moving stock markets. Direct access trading and day trading involves the use of electronic communications networks (ECNs), NASDAQ's SOES and NYSE's SuperDot routing options.

Flexibilty Choice offers its traders a choice of five different trading software platforms. These include RealTick,The Shield, E-Signal and the NobleTrader Level 2 platform. Route your orders over the Island ECN, Archipelago, SOES, GNET, ISI Dot and others! All trades executed through the services of a broker-dealer.

NobleTrading now also offers the flexibility of choosing either a per share or per trade commission schedule.

Announcing Futures Trading!

Now NobleTrading customers can trade the E-Minis futures for as low as $2.75, single stock futures, as well as those on GLOBEX, A/C/E and Eurex.

Electronic Futures Trading

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Futures Products

NobleTrading is pleased to announce that it has expanded its product offerings to include Futures Contracts. The contracts available include the E-Minis, single stock futures, as well as those
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traded on GLOBEX, A/C/E and Eurex.

Trading Platforms

Noble is offering both the Patsystems JTrader and the highly advanced StrategyRunner platforms for futures trading. Both provide traders with a fast and efficient method for entering orders and notification of executions. Contact us today for a complete description and free trial of these platforms.

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As always, we will continue to deliver the highest level of customer support, multiple levels of trading platforms and the flexible pricing plans to fit your trading requirements. Were confident that NobleTrading is the right choice for your direct access brokerage needs. Open an new account today and receive E-Mini commissions as low as $2.75! Click here to open an account.

To receive more information regarding this offer or any of NobleTrading's product offerings, contact us at 877.872.3311, [email protected] or click to fill out a contact form.

Contact our sales office at 877.TRADE.11 for more info or open an account online with us.